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Updated: January 19, 2018

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Easter Spring Theme

EASTER / SPRING THEME: March 20 - April 11, 2012:

Chocolate Chunk makes a comeback and the new seasonal seed is WHITE RABBIT. There are LOTS of quests for this theme.

There are three repeaters for this theme: the Easter Island Bunny, the new Easter Basket, and the Paranoid Easter Bunny (aka Paranoid Bunny Bear). The bunny bear is a repeater, generating 1 chocolate egg and 75 xp every 12 hours 6 HOURS. When the bunny bear first released, when you collected from the bear, you were able to share another bunny bear with your friends! Sadly, this was a bug. They "fixed it" so now you're sharing chocolate eggs.

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Eggs - WHAT ARE THEY FOR?

Chocolate Eggs are a Easter/Spring theme gift and are also generated by the Paranoid Bunny Bear described above. But what are they for? QUESTS! Six different quests ask you to use the technicolor hen fruit.

I suggest collecting them but NOT using them until you have at least one quest open that calls for them.

The Easter Basket originally (incorrectly) gave a 4x seed every 12 hours. It was fixed to give a 9x. Then, in late March 2012, it was increased to 20x!

Urgent Easter Notice: I'm told that the 2011 Easter Quests finally got an expiration date (April 11 like the rest of the Easter theme). Hopefully, this theme should get you enough stuff to finally finish them. Good luck!

Four new white rabbit quests added 3/26, as well as a bonus choco chunk quest (after the Easter Basket Quest) for a Chocolate Pot Leaf!

stoned chick initial stoned chick paint paint paint


Mystery Eggs released March 30. Buy one for 49 pot bucks. "Upgrade" it with 3 blue, 3 red, and 3 yellow paints. Then, recruit or hire 3 workers. It will then "hatch", becoming one of the following "chicks". Each takes up 2 spaces:

April 3 Update from the devs: "we pumped up the baby chicks from the mystery eggs a bit so now they are repeaters for Cheese, Aussie Blues, and Mental Floss! AND the Naked Chick now gives 2 guano every 6 hours!"

April 10 Update: Mystery Eggs reduced to $29 pot bucks. Also, Pot Farm has TEMPORARILY lowered the collection time to every 6 hours. When the theme runs out, I expect they'll be back to their regular schedule (shown below).

Earn a hydro fortress doing a new quest! Check out the RABBIT HUNT QUEST.

New items from this theme:

The images below show all of the items released during the Easter 2012 theme. Hover to see the names. Click the pictures for more details. Visit the ITEMS PAGE for details on ALL ITEMS in the game.

Ruby EggChocolate LamboEternal SpringNaked Stoned Chick (pink)Green Stoned ChickBlue Stoned ChickYellow Stoned ChickMystery EggChocohengeSpring GazeboSpring Air BalloonChocolate Pot LeafLady BugEaster Booby TrapSpring BenchTulip (blue, pink, purple)Lily (orange, pink, white)Daffodil (pink, white, yellow)Pink Easter BalloonsBird House (green, purple)Paranoid Easter Bunny (Bear)Easter Basket

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