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Updated: February 22, 2018

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Man, it's a bummer when stuff doesn't work the way you expect it to.

This guide answers most questions about how the game is expected to work. And that's the goal of this site. I am, afterall, just another player.

So, what do you do if you're having technical problems? First, try a few things yourself...


There are 3 new links below the game to choose what size page you want. Try all 3 and see what works best for you. Here are the links: SMALL | MEDIUM | LARGE (All 3 sizes were designed to work best with zoom at 100%, but try zooming in and out and find what works best for YOU. You want the bottom toolbar/friend bar at the bottom of the game.)

If you finish a quest and don't get the next one, or don't get the reward, try doing something in the game. Move something. Plant something. Whatever! Usually, this takes care of things.

If you're still missing something, or things are acting weird, RELOAD THE GAME by refreshing your browser. (The old suggestion of "turn it off and back on" is so popular because it very often works.)

Next, try loading the game with HALF, or NO animation (to make it easier to load). (Note: If you switch to a limited or no animation page and then access the game with a link that doesn't specify level of animation, the game should load with the last level you specified. To switch to more or less animation, simply use the appropriate link. These links are also in Pot Farm below the game screen and ads.)

Want to know if others are having the same problem? Check out Pot Farm's Fan Page (wall).

If you completed an in-game offer for pot bucks, but didn't get them, follow these instructions: Click on the free offer button. Then, look for the "Help" link in the upper right corner of the popup. Then, in the second paragraph, you'll find a link for "See My Offer Status". If there's still a problem, report it to TrialPay on that popup. TrialPay is an outside company that handles these offers for Pot Farm, so they're the ones to contact, NOT Pot Farm.

Pot Farm Community Manager


When you need to contact the developers of Pot Farm, click "HELP" from the game menu. From there, you have 2 choices.

If it's a suggestion or feedback and doesn't need a quick reply, click the FEEDBACK box and complete the form it takes you to.

If there's a problem with the game, scroll a bit further and fill out the form just below CONTACT SUPPORT. Using the "contact support" form to report problems will get you the quickest response (hopefully within 48 hours.)

If you can't get into the game, you can use this link to contact support.

When contacting support, PLEASE remember... they'll be much more inclined to help if you explain your problem clearly and completely AND if you're nice about it. Whatever your problem is, it's highly unlikely that it's the fault of the person who will be attempting to resolve your issue. Cursing them out is bad mojo, man.

And, please remember... This guide is made and run by a fellow player. DO NOT contact the developers and tell them Pot Farm Info said that something in the game is supposed to behave a certain way, but it doesn't. If this guide doesn't match the game, please don't contact the developers of the game. Instead, post details about what's incorrect and what it should be on my CORRECTIONS PAGE. And if you just have questions about what you see here, please post on my QUESTIONS PAGE.


No posts in your newsfeed?

Here's a page explaining how to fix the most likely cause of this problem. Check out FEED FIX.


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