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About Quests:


Floyd Quests

Quest Tips:

Try to make things you do count for multiple quests! Planning ahead can let you accomplish multiple quest together rather than having to repeat requirements.

If you complete a quest, but don't see the next one, don't freak out. Simply reloading the game, or even doing something else in the game (such as moving something, planting, etc.), should make it appear.

Quests were first released on March 23, 2011. When you do something that is part of a quest, you get a red message saying QUEST PROGRESS.

Quests are now broken up into 3 categories on this site.

  • Current Quests are all the quests currently available that do not require purchasing.
  • Chronic Quest Packs are quests that you purchase. Some are no longer available for purchase, but are still listed because they don't expire once you purchase them.
  • Expired Quests are just that... expired. They are no longer available any more. But, if you want to see the "quest archives", this is the place.

When you complete a quest, you get the reward, you get an opportunity to post a 'brag' on your wall, and then the quest will no longer appear in your quest list. (Sometimes a reward doesn't show up immediately upon completing a quest. Try doing something else on the farm or reloading the game.)

NEW QUESTS NOT LISTED YET? If new quests just came out and aren't on this site yet, look for the current theme thread in the PFI FACEBOOK PAGE. Fast group members provide some great info there! I'll get them on the site as quickly as I can. Please be patient. There's a lot to update, especially when a new theme comes out.


Info presented here is MOSTLY correct. I get quest info directly from the developers, my own experience, and from other players. Sometimes, particularly when info first comes out, there may be info that is not exactly perfect. (Also, the developers occasionally make changes, which take some time to be found.) When players report errors or I find them myself, I correct them as quickly as possible. Your understanding is appreciated. Remember, I am not employed by Pot Farm. I am an enthusiastic fellow player.

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