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Updated: February 22, 2018

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Tips and Tricks: (mostly unedited tips from fellow players, in no particular order)


What's this about a "Quest Garden"?

I recommend maintaining a "quest garden". Plant mystery & jackpot seeds (especially when asked to for a quest). Harvest only the garbage, leaving just the premium stuff. That way, when you need something for a quest, you'll have it ready to harvest. See a cool example and DISCUSS HERE.

Likewise, if you get munchie plants from crates or as giveaways from the devs, hold on to them. Even better than a munchie garden (which takes up space on your farm), I recommend not planting those munchie plants you get in your gift box until you need them for a quest.

Can I play Pot Farm on my iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, etc.?

Yes! Check out the Puffin Browser. It's great for playing Pot Farm! Discuss Puffin Browser.

Planting sharable crops

Hoarding is great, but so is sharing! Devote a plot on your garden 5 rows down by 10 rows wide. Plant from top to bottom and change sharable seeds every row so when you're done you'll have ten rows of different seeds (9x 4x 10x 3x 20x). When the plants are ready, harvest the bottom row across and post all ten seeds. Then, refresh your browser and do the next row. 5 refreshes and you have put up 50 posts. Think how easy it would be to max out gifts if everyone did this.


Having problems visiting neighbors? Try starting your computer in safe mode with networking and then visit them. It's been reported to help!

Quest tip for using things from your gift box:

DO NOT complete the "use from gifts" requirement of a quest until you have enough and have completed all the other requirements for the quest. If you've used 9000 toward the 10000 needed, when the quest expires you get nothing and you've wasted 9000 that you could have used for the next quest that comes out.

Try not to sell things that you need later

When starting out, try not to sell things that you need later to make hemp ale, pot corn, brownies, etc. When you get to the level to buy the equipment you're ready to start manufacturing immediately if it's in your stash.

Buy FREE stuff for opposite sex avatars

Buy FREE stuff for opposite sex avatars. This makes it easier to earn your buying awards!

Bears Bears and more Bears...

Protection can be a lot of money in the beginning so get as many Bears as possible from Mystery Critter Gifts. Slowly begin to sell them off as protection gets cheaper and takes less land usage as you level up.

BACON is good protection too.

I know everyone loves getting 12 pot bucks for harvesting and selling, but it provides 25 protection on a single space. Unless you NEED the pot bucks for something else, I'd say leave that bad boy on your farm. Once you get enough to reach your next harvesting award, then it's probably worth it to harvest them for the awesome bonus. The first 3 bacon trees you harvest in the game get you 5,000,000 coins! (See all awards on my Awards Page.)

Be a Hoarder!

Only ever sell stuff from your stash if you actually need the coins to buy something else. You never know when they'll bring a new contraption out, or a quest that requires you to sell something or produce from a contraption. If you do have to sell, try to keep the stuff that takes AGES to grow, or just sell some of what you have, not all of it.

The same goes for your gift box, only click use on what you need, leave the rest there for future quests. For example, I have over 3000 cocoa pods in my gift box. I only use 500 at a time when I run out in my stash. If you keep rare critters in there too you can save a lot of storage space, never know when you might need those.

Assorted Tips

At level 174, I've got a gold mine of tips and tricks!

You can get fans for hydroponics from visiting neighbors. I get 2-4 every day from that. I know that with a lot of people visiting is a pain in the ass because every dozen (or less) farms you visit it freezes and you have to reload. I'm having the same issue and have reported it but it persists. I recommend primarily visiting lower level neighbors, it freezes a lot less with them. But even if it can be annoying, it's often worth it with the cool shit you get.

It may be a little temperamental for some users, but PF Manager is still worth using. I get tons of shit from that.

For a while, I didn't want to post anything from this game since my whole family and all my coworkers (including my bosses) are all on facebook now. Then I discovered that you can put all your Pot Farm friends in a friends list and set game posts so that only your pot farm friends can view your game posts. I also use this feature to hide the personal info on my profile from my Pot Farm friends that I don't know personally so I don't feel uncomfortable adding strangers just for Pot Farm.

With all the free shit Pot Farm has been giving away, check the fan page as often as you can so you don't miss links before they expire.

Save bat guano for stuff that takes the longest to grow. Don't waste it on something that only takes 45 minutes! Be a little patient!

If you buy pot bucks, the cheapest way to get the most is to buy facebook credits and spend all of them on jackpot seeds. Not only do you get the fun of planting all the jackpots, but even with acapulco and panama red every time I've done this I've ended up with more pot bucks for less money than if I had just straight up bought the pot bucks.

A mistake I made in the beginning was buying stuff just for the xp and turning around and selling it. I wasted a lot of coins this way. Keep in mind that in higher levels you're gonna unlock items that cost up to 99,000,000!

Even if you're all done with the Alien Kush quests and have mastered the award, don't stop collecting them. The xp and coins they give you are well worth taking up space on your farm.

Don't buy limited time items right away as they most likely will be given away as prizes for quests and will probably go on sale for much cheaper towards the end of their availability.

The tip about not selling stuff needed for contraptions is right on. I NEVER sell any of my contraption ingredients! For newer players, here's a list of stuff you never sell: hemp, time warp, hops, brain warp, blackberry, sweet tooth, caramelicious, corn, tomato, grapes, and sugar cane.

I also recommend always growing at least some contraptions ingredients. I have spots on my farm reserved just for corn or just for hemp, etc.

Collect and store (or keep in gift box) critters as much as possible. You never know when they'll be needed for quests. I already had 12 Dopey Ducks when the hydroponics quest came out. This goes for pot heads, too.

Before going to sleep:

Try not to leave your contraptions on your farm over night. While yes they give you a daily coin award for the following day, the space they take up is far more valuable for growing. So use them, then store them when finished.

Try and plant seeds according to what you have planned for the day, and your access to Pot Farm. Don't plant a 1 hour seed if can't havarst it in an hour. If you know your going to be away from Pot Farm for 8 hours, try and plant an 8 hour seed. Grow time is valuable man!


I collect and store products from news feed and trade them in for puff puff passes, I haven't had to buy any for months now. Your potbucks can then be used for more important items such as bat guano or that elusive item. Happy farming!

Don't spend money on protection that you don't need. While having high protection is good, so Ranger Dick don't bust you, having too much protection takes away from harvesting more plants due to it being taken up by the extra protection you have. Plus you're spending the extra coins, when on lower levels are much more precious that on higher levels.

Another Tip is AWARD & GROUP PAGES!!! While not everyone wants to be apart of 10 or so groups have at least one good reliable group that post things that are FREE and from the Pot Farm Fan Page.

Guru note: Rather than a GROUP that reposts things from the Pot Farm Fan page (I repost such things myself on THIS group!), I recommend players checking the fan page directly (as Ariel had suggested). Simply click Fans in the game to go there. They're having contests and giving away free stuff all the time!

Guru note: Also, when choosing a group, players should check to see how many facebook credit scam posts are there. If there are a lot, the admins are probably not involved and won't be very helpful in answering questions. It's frustrating for me seeing players flocking to groups that don't actually do anything when I work so hard to answer questions and provide help here.

Puff Puff Tip:

Run several different contraptions on your farm, so you can get puff puff passes for nearly all different contraption products. You can also get many of these products off the news feed. This can get you EIGHT full refills. Also, try to remember to buy all the refills every day whether you need them or not. This way, you can build up a good supply of them.

news feed tip

I go back as far as I can in the news feed. After going a few hours back, there's always Mystery Seeds I come across that haven't been claimed. If I've reached my daily limit, I bookmark the link and use those links the next day. I put twenty links in one folder, and then open all the links at once. Sometimes the seeds have been claimed by the next day, but a lot of the time, they're not. Yes, it's time consuming, but I hit my limit on MS (except Pie, and sometimes Bacon) every day.

contraptions for leveling

once you get to a point where you are truly just trying to level up, grow crops for contraptions first and foremost. I have a list of what I need to grow for each contraption and make sure I have a stock pile in my stash at all times. I try and make stuff on my farm every for experience points vs your time spent. Also DO NOT SELL OFF YOUR STUFF UNLESS YOU ARE STRAPPED FOR COIN. Every 24 hours you can trade in your stuff for Puff Puff...I never run out of Puff Puff that way...its so helpful when you have your full land or hydro shacks/bunkers...If you need cash, try and keep at least 10 trade ins of each item in your stash...sell the rest...and make some more!

critter hoarder

My tip would be to hoard up bunnies and beavers and replace protection items that take up space with them to get more growing room. You can get enough so that you can store or sell all your protection items and still have enough protection to cover a whole field full of the most protection-costing plants.

Guru Note: Third-Eye critters have NEGATIVE protection (-100).

several contraptions

This tip is for the pothead quest "punk in drublic"...instead of using one brewery, i bought 10 & collected from each 10 times....made it a quick simple way to collect all you needed in a shorter time.

save save save

Save some OG Kush in your gift box rather than growing every last one. We've found that seasonal quests often require some old plants that aren't readily available any more. It's a little late now for the old stuff, but if you save some OG Kush in your gift box, you'll be prepared when the next theme comes out and a quest wants you to grow some.


Bunnies, Beavers, Driftwood and if you get to open a few mystery boxes Bongo Drums are great ways to build protection without taking up valuable space. Any time you can get a hold of a couple of each critter, it's wise to save them as some quests will have you sell a specific one.

However if you're using them for protection use the ones that give the most protection.

Also if you are purchasing protection look at how much protection it gives you vs. how many spaces it takes up. Sometime it is more protection to have bears take up those same number of spaces.

Guru note: Complete stats for all the critters is on my critters page at

Between Themes

When you have no quests, or your quests are for growing only plants you have limited quantities of (i.e. "Quest for Moi" growing Chocolate Chunk). Focus on growing plants for contraptions, and awards. The awards often give you a lot of coins, xp and even some pot bucks.

Guru note: And players can see what all of the awards pay at

visit neighbors

to gain past need a lot of neighbors. visit them every 8 hours. you can get guano's panama red acapulco gold alaska thunderfucd and more. it give's you also a xp per neighbor you visit.

negative numbers

For those worrying about getting negative numbers of items in their gift boxes when "Using" those items. This comes from collecting those items from outside the game, like from wall posts, without refreshing your farm.

i.e.: Say you start you farm up and have been playing for a while, while in another tab you have you news feed/wall going. During this time you collect 3 bat guanos from wall posts but you don't refresh your farm. Then your jitters pops out a guano and you go into your gift box to "Use" it. When you get there you'll see just the one you just got from jitters, when you click on "Use" it'll switch from 1 to -3 because the game knows you have 3 stacked up that just aren't in your gift box because you haven't refreshed since collecting them.

You can even take it another step, while it shows -3 go and collect another one off of wall posts then go back to your gift box and click on Use again, it'll switch to -4.

one at a time

Harvest only one 9x or 4x OG Kush at a time and share each time. Then refresh your browser. This way you can share seeds each time you harvest one 9x or 4x OG Kush Plant.

This also works for any other special seed that can be shared at harvest, as well as all contraptions and repeaters.

another recommendation for hoarding

I feel that it is important that players, especially new players collect and keep the items created by the contraptions from the news feed for the quest where they have to sell items and may have trouble producing them on their own. Collect all the items created by the pigs to use in some of the contraptions in higher levels.

Also collect the plants that cannot be bought from the store like the Christmas kush, the Acapulco golds, Pineapple Punch and the Danny Boy, also the Chocolate Chunk which can't be readily purchased in the store unless you purchase the Mystery or the Jackpot seeds.

Guru note: And to expand on that, players should hold on to some seasonal seeds after a theme is gone. A need often comes up for them in later quests.

quest strategy

Use the quest page on to plan what you're going to plant & when. Doing this will allow you to have at least a good portion, if not all, of the plants needed for a quest ready for harvest as soon as you unlock the quest so that you can just breeze right through them.

On top of that, the earlier quests in a series will often give you some of the seeds or items that you'll need for quests farther along in the series. Checking the quests page on will allow you to figure out which items you can use right away & which ones you should save for the quests later in the series.

Be a bad ass!

It's a hassle, but instead of worrying about space/protection... Just don't use it. Yes, Ranger Dick shows up, but just hit the play button at the top of the game and keep going :) You don't lose any crop

watch for freebies

check the fan page at at LEAST twice daily. During quests they give out tons of free seeds/items.


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