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Updated: September 17, 2017

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Smokin' Hot Pot Farm News

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This is only the very latest news. See the newest items and seeds below. Click for the latest THEMES and QUESTS. Also, try out the SEARCH feature on the home page.


Current as of September 17, 2017! This section shows the last 80 ITEMS added to THIS GUIDE. Click the pictures for more details.

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GanjawbreakerPurple GumdropRed GumdropGreen GumdropChron Tart Dozy BunnyChron Tart Dopey DuckGumdrop MakerDank Dunk PyramidReeflandia Merch Booth HydroRockin ChickReefer Tent CityTrailblazed Rally GirlMakeshift Plastic GreenhouseTent Trailer HydroLit LanternThis Way To ThereStardustInterstellar RV HydroGalaxy HitchhikerCrashed Escape PodSpacebuds CrowdFlag Football CrowdMountie Big PigSugar Maple TreeStreet Hockey CrowdBeaver CrateTotally Rad-ium Hot Springs HydroReefertiti's HeaddressBudstet StatueAnkhCobra ScepterGold Egyptian CrateRipped Egyptian RaccoonSarcoughagus HydroParanoid Egyptian BearEgyptian Dig Site Lvl 2Wheezy Tokenkhamun HotboxStatue of RawGold DragonGlass Dragon GreenhouseDragon Egg HydroCopper DragonPurple PufferSilver DragonDragon TorchEnlightened Platinum DragonBlue PufferOrange PufPuffferAdoobie House StorageLuchador Big PigTequila DistilleryLa TaqueriaBlunt 420 Bong HydroJoint 420 Bong HydroPinner 420 Bong HydroBuzzed Envy BeaverThe Old ShitmobileDozy Greed BunnyParanoid Spliff BearRipped Gluttony RaccoonVortex of VanityChronic Pride KittyLust SkunkGluttonous GreenhouseWasted Wrath WolfDopey Sloth DuckCoin Surprise SeedParrish Home HydroStony the TigerHunter Van DickMonkey Toke-InCrocodile Toke-InJuganjiRhinoceros Toke-InElephant Toke-InFloyd ParrishCat Box HydroAuroraCat FortTangi

Did I miss something or get something wrong? If so, please let me know on my Corrections Page. Please include complete details for the item so I can add it or fix it. Thanks!


What we grow:

Here's a list of some different strains you can 'grow' in this online game: 420 Blues, 8 Bit Bud, Acapulco Gold, Afghan Dream, Agave, Agent Orange, AK 47, Alaska Thunderfudk, Alfirindica, Alien Kush, Ancient OG, Aussie Blues, Azura, Backpacker Bud, Banana Kush, Banker's Bud, BC Bud, Belladonna, Birthday Bud, Black Diamond, Black Widow, Blackberry, Blaze Runner, Blood Berry Bud, Bloody Mary Jane, Blue Buddha, Blue Dream Kush, Blue Dynamite, Blue Widow, Blueberry, Bonkers, Brain Warp, Bubblegum, Budlamine, Budzilla, Cajun Kush, Caramelicious, Cash Crop, Champagne Grapes, Cheese, Chocolate Chunk, Christmas Kush, Chronic Charms, Cocoa Bunny, Colombian Gold, Colorado Kush, Corn, Cotton Candy Kush, Cranberry Kush, Crystal, Danny Boy, Diamond Kush, Ditch Weed, Durban Poison, Easy Rider, Enigma, Flower Bomb Kush, German Ganja, Ghost Weed, God Bud, Gold Bud, Grandaddy Purple, Grapes, Greasy Ganja, Great White Shark, Green Dragon, Green Pog Plant, Grim Reefer, Grungy Ganja, Halloween, Harvest Moon, Hawaiian Snow, Head Banger, Head Shrinker, Hemp, Holly Berry, Holobud, Hops, Ice Weed, Jack Herer, Jamaican Green, Jingle Buds, Juicy Fruit, Jurassic Pot, Kings Kush, Kushberry, Liberty Haze, Light of Jah, Lost Bud, Love Potion, Maui Waui, Medical Dragon, Mental Floss, Merlin's Dream, Mighty Mite, Mutant X, Mystic Blue, Mystic Key Vine, Northern Lights, Odinbud, OG Kush, Orange Pog Plant, Panama Red, People's Pot, Peyote Pot, Pineapple Express, Pineapple Punch, Pink Lady, Pink Rabbit, Pipe Weed, Planta Claus, Psychedelic Sensi, Purple Dragon, Purple Haze, Purple Kush, Purple Pog Plant, Purple Urkle, Purple Widow, Rainbow Reefer, Red Dragon, Robobud, Romulan Grapefruit, Seaweed, Shishkaberry, Sour Diesel, Space Weed, Spice Plant, Star Bud, Sticky Icky, Straw Bud, Strawberry Cough, Sub Zero, Sugar Cane, Sugar Cookie, Super Bud, Super Silver Haze, Super Skunk, Sweet Tooth, Tangerine Dream, The Doctor, Time Warp, Tomatoes, Trainwreck, Tumble Weed, Valhalla Kush, Viking Weed, Washington Weed, Weedstock, White Rabbit, White Rhino, White Widow, Wicked Weed, Wizards Weed, Wookee Weed, Xmas Sugar Cane (Sugar Cane), xxx, and for complete stats, go to the Seeds page.


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