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Updated: February 19, 2018

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About Mooching

What is mooching? If you go to the gift page of the game, you can mooch (request) the items listed there. Also, when building something in the game, rather than buying the products needed, you can click mooch. Both of these put posts on your wall that your neighbors can click.

NOTE: Copying and posting the links in groups is possibile, but there's not much point unless everyone there is your neighbor. Only your neighbors can send you stuff by clicking on them.


On April 19, 2013, the devs made some major changes to gifting and worked out the last of the kinks on May 9, 2013. This is an awesome update that allows you to accept all gifts (and return them all) with the click of a button. However, with the different format, the gifting buttons on the Gurubar toolbar stopped working. While this was not their intent, there doesn't seem to be an easy way for them to undo this with the new format.

The gifting buttons on the toolbar (and therefore the PFI Mooch Group) will be down indefinitely.

CAN I MOOCH GROOVY TUNES, SALTY NUTS, OR CIGARETTE BUTTS? (or other contraption ingredients, guano, mystery seeds, driftwood, old seasonal seeds, specific critters, pot heads, etc.) NO. You can't. ONLY items that are currently on the gift page of the game (or products required for building something) can be mooched.

I'm new and don't know what something is. Do I need it? You can look up items on the ITEM PAGE of Pot Farm Info. Beginning players DO NOT need all hydro parts, voodoo parts, dicks date parts, or voodoo parts. There's no point in mooching them. People make the mistake of mooching stuff they know nothing about when they could be getting stuff they can use. I suggest only mooching things you actually need in the game. I recommend the latest seasonal seeds. You'll grow them and makes some money in the game and also make some progress toward quests. Most products sell for next to nothing, so if you're looking for coin, that's the wrong way to do it. Check out my guide to the game at There are pages that will tell you what all products and all seeds are worth. (NOTE: If a product is listed as having a pot buck price, that does not mean you can sell it for pot bucks. That is how much you would pay if you bought it rather than mooching it when building something requiring it.)


If you shop Amazon, please bookmark (Drag and Drop ShopAmazon to your bookmark bar.) Then, simply click that bookmark when you want to shop Amazon. It will not affect your shopping experience whatsoever. Prices will be the exact same and I won't get any of your shopping or payment info. But I will get a small commission on your purchases which can add up if I can get more people doing it. Thanks for helping support this site. (You can read a little more about this on my shopping page.)

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