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Updated: December 13, 2017

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RV Hydro (Zombie Proof RV)

  • Type: HYDROPONICS - See all hydros on the HYDRO PAGE.
  • Available to levels: 0+
  • Availability: EXPIRED limited time offer.
  • Date First Introduced: Oct 19, 2012
  • Original Expiration Date: Nov 09, 2012
  • Click for more info on the "halloween2012" theme (including other items).
  • Purchase price: $0.60 usd. 666 pot bucks.
  • XP received when purchasing: 0
  • Coins received for selling it: 66,600
  • Protection: 0
  • Spaces: 9
  • Giftable? NO
  • Daily Bread (income): NONE
  • Notes:
  • This was originally a quest prize during the 2012 Halloween theme.
    When you get this, it starts as an "RV Fixer Upper". Levels 1-5, it's called "RV Hydro". Level 6 is called "Zombie Proof RV". Level 6 capacity was originally 150 plants on 9 spaces (0 protection). Before upgrading to level 1, it starts out with -10,000 protection and improves each level to finally be 0 protection when it's fully upgraded to level 6.

    Offered from a Superhero quest in June 2013.

    In October, 2017, Level 6 was upgraded to 1680 capacity during the 2017 Halloween theme. The first 5 levels of this hydro remain the same. They began offering this hydro in chronic quest packs (Infection, Outbreak, Pandemic). (After a brief mistake where they accidentally upgraded only level 1, these are now working properly.)

RV Hydro (Zombie Proof RV) hydroponic characteristics:

This is a hydroponic structure. Read more about hydroponics and compare this with other hydros on the HYDRO PAGE.

unlock levelseedstilesseeds
per space
building requires
RV Hydro (Zombie Proof RV) Level 1151591.71 Fan, 2 Generators, 1 Grow Light, 2 Water Pumps, 6 Helpers
RV Hydro (Zombie Proof RV) Level 2153093.35 Charcoal Filters, 1 Fan, 2 Generators, 1 Grow Light, 1 Spark Plugs, 2 Water Pumps, 1 Wrench, 6 Helpers
RV Hydro (Zombie Proof RV) Level 3155095.62 Charcoal Filters, 2 Fans, 2 Generators, 1 Grow Light, 1 turbo generator, 3 High Output Lamps, 2 Spark Plugs, 2 surveillance cameras, 2 Water Pumps, 2 Wrenches, 6 Helpers
RV Hydro (Zombie Proof RV) Level 4157097.82 Charcoal Filters, 2 Fans, 3 Generators, 2 Grow Lights, 5 Super Fans, 3 High Output Lamps, 2 Sheet Metal, 2 Spark Plugs, 2 surveillance cameras, 3 Water Pumps, 2 Wrenches, 12 Helpers
RV Hydro (Zombie Proof RV) Level 51595910.65 Charcoal Filters, 5 Fans, 5 Generators, 3 Grow Lights, 5 High Output Lamps, 10 Sheet Metal, 5 Spark Plugs, 10 surveillance cameras, 5 Water Pumps, 10 Wrenches, 12 Helpers
RV Hydro (Zombie Proof RV) Level 61516809186.715 Charcoal Filters, 10 Fans, 25 Generators, 10 Grow Lights, 10 Super Fans, 15 turbo Generators, 15 High Output Lamps, 10 Sheet Metal, 10 Spark Plugs, 10 Water Pumps, 10 Wrenches, 12 Helpers

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