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Pot Farm Info presents detailed info for
Black Hash Press. (See ALL ITEMS HERE.)

Black Hash Press
  • Black Hash Press
  • Type/Source: contraption - See below.
  • The link for this page is
  • Available to levels: 174+
  • Availability: Currently available.
  • Date First Introduced: 2012-08-06
  • Original Expiration Date: none
  • Not part of a theme.
  • Purchase price: 500,000 coins.
  • XP received when purchasing: 9,000
  • Coins received for selling it: 100,000
  • Protection: 0
  • Spaces: 4
  • Giftable? NO
  • Daily Bread (income): NONE
  • Notes:

Black Hash Press contraption characteristics:

  • This item is a contraption. Compare contraptions on the CONTRAPTION PAGE.
  • Ingredients required: Black Widow (1), Red Hash (3), White Widow (1)
  • Produces: 12 Black Hash
  • Run time: (You can run this instantly with 5 guano.)
  • Value of entire yield: 15,000 coins
  • Run XP: 4,050
  • This contraption does not allow you to share when you collect from it.

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