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Pot Farm Info presents detailed info for
Groovy Tunes. (See ALL ITEMS HERE.)

Groovy Tunes
  • Groovy Tunes
  • Type/Source: product - See below for details. For other products, see the PRODUCT PAGE.
  • The link for this page is
  • Available to levels: 30+
  • Availability: Expired limited time offer.
  • Date First Introduced: 2013-03-08
  • Original Expiration Date: 2013-03-22
  • Click for more info on the "stpat2013" theme (including other items).
  • Purchase price:
  • XP received when purchasing: 0
  • Coins received for selling it: no resale value (or cannot sell).
  • Protection: 0
  • Spaces: 0
  • Giftable? NO
  • Daily Bread (income): NONE
  • Notes:
  • To use this as an ingredient for the Barfing Dragon contraption, you need to go to your gift box and USE it. That moves it to your stash where you can then use it in the contraption.

Groovy Tunes sources and uses:

This item IS NOT giftable to and from neighbors.

(This is an old product note which will be incorporated elsewhere on this page soon.)

The following CONTRAPTIONS use this product as an ingredient: Barfing Dragon, Burning Man,

The following CONTRAPTIONS produce this product: Irish Tavern Party, Techno Viking,

The following REPEATERS produce this product: NONE!

The following REPEATERS or CONTRAPTIONS allow you to share this product when collecting: NONE!

The following items require this product for building: (I hope to add this information some day, but it will take a lot of work compiling it all and adding it to a database to be able to easily present it. For now, this information is available for HYDROPONICS on the HYDRO PAGE.

NOTE: I am still checking to see if there are any mistakes or issues with this information, but this new format should be much more complete and accurate than the previous format.

MORE ABOUT PRODUCTS: (See even more about products on the PRODUCTS PAGE)

Products are items which CANNOT be placed on your farm. Products are gifted or produced by contraptions or repeaters. Products are NOT available in the store. (A pot buck price listed above indicates how much it costs if you choose to buy it when needed as a part for building instead of mooching it.)

Buildable items (such as hydroponics) require certain products to build. Many quests require using or selling products. (You USE items in your gift box. You SELL items from your STASH.)

Several contraption products can be used to purchase Puff Passes in the store under tending.

If the info on this page does not match the game, please REPORT IT HERE.


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