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Updated: February 22, 2018

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Guy's Grid Clicker v0.3


What is it?

Guy's GridClicker is a handy tool for many repetitive clicking tasks, the most popular of which is social gaming. It can be useful for any game that requires clicking in a grid pattern, especially farming type games such as Farmville or Pot Farm.

Get More Info, Tips, Etc.

For more info, check out the Grid Clicker Facebook group to discuss this sweet tool. Find it at

What am I downloading?

The GridClicker is a small executable file that does not require any installation (only 50k). It simply runs when you click it. Requires WINDOWS. (I'm told Windows for Mac will work.)

Guy's GridClicker v0.3 - This is the download button in this box. (Anything else on this page that says download is an ad!)


Instructions (as included in the program):

  1. Drag the window to the desired location over your application
  2. Setup the size of the grid using the text boxes
  3. Line up the grid by moving the corners (drag the coloured dots)
  4. Send mouse clicks to the centre of each square by clicking on "Send Clicks"
  5. Sit back and watch all the action!


The website listed within the program is no longer valid. If you want to share this program with your friends, please share this page:

How much does it cost?

It's absolutely FREE!

However, if you enjoy using this program, consider sending a little something to the developer and/or the host of this site. The developer's info can be found by clicking the INFO button in the program. Info to donate to the host of this site can be found HERE.


Skipping spots on the grid:

Click spaces on the grid to have it skip those spots. This can allow you to click some irregularly placed items. Also, you can make the grid finer (more rows and/or columns) than you need and block out the spaces you don't want clicked.


Multiple Copies:

You can rename the file and make numerous copies. That way, you can modify each one to be a different grid pattern, so you're not changing it all the time. Each will remember it's last setup the next time you open it.

Click a single row repeatedly:

If you have a row of contraptions twenty columns wide, you would set up a grid that is also 20 columns wide. Then, set the number of rows as equal to the number of times you want all of those 20 columns clicked. Say you want to run each of the contraptions 100 times. You set the grid up as 20 wide by 100 tall. Then, you adjust it so that all 100 rows are still on the same plots. (It will look the same as a 20x1 grid.) Then run it, giving it enough time between clicks. Righteous!

Here's a video demonstrating this technique. It's set to a 0.8 second pause. That means it would go to one side and back in 32 seconds and the oil presses should be finished and ready to harvest. It does miss some, but it gets them on the way back. This is the slow and steady approach. (You could certainly set it to click every 0.1 seconds and just click back and forth making sure everything is either planted or harvested when ready.) If you're using contraptions that take longer, this method can still be used. You'll just get more "not ready" notices which isn't a problem. Just have it run longer.

Click a single spot repeatedly:

Just like the above tip, if you want to click a single button repeatedly, simply make the entire grid fit on the button. In Pot Farm, a great example of that is if you want to go to the lowest level of your neighbors.

In the video, it sometimes looks like it isn't working, but it's just going so fast, that the screencapture software I'm using doesn't keep up. Notice the change in level player each time the Grid Clicker finishes it's run. I could have just picked a very large number and ran it once, clicking ESC when it reaches the lowest level of my neighbors.


Order and direction:

When processing the clicks, it starts at the blue marker and goes toward the black marker. For the next row, it reverses direction (saving your avatar from extra running around.) See the illustration.


Developers of games you would use this with cannot tell you are using it. However, if it causes you to accidentally sell or lose or buy something by mistake, they will NOT fix it for you. Use it at your own risk.


This piece of shareware is being offered on an AS-IS basis with no warranty, express or implied. Use this program at your own risk. This piece of software is being shared here with permission of the developer.

How do I use the batch delete function? (With Farmville):

To use batch delete you need to line up the grid as you would normally, and then tick the "Click Accept after each click" checkbox. This will tell GridClicker that you will be using the delete tool when sending clicks, and GridClicker will try to hit the "Accept" button each time the confirmation dialog pops up.

GridClicker determines the location of the Accept button base on the location of the FarmVille window. You might have already noticed that an extra green dot has appeared when you tick the checkbox. Now drag the green dot to the top left corner of the FarmVille window, the blue rectangle should outline the FarmVille window exactly if this is done correctly. Hit Send Clicks and that's it! Make sure you have selected the delete tool before you send clicks though.

You can also use the slider bar to control how long GridClickers waits before clicking the Accept button. I have found 0.9 seconds works well on my computer but do experiment with this. You can use ESC to cancel the actions if it is not going according to plan!

I have moved one of the dots outside of the window. Help!

This problem is resolved in the current version. But you can reset the locations of the dots by deleting the application settings file. Please note that this will restore the program to its factory default state and you will lose all other settings such as rows cols etc of GridClicker. To do this you need to be able to view hidden files with your Windows Explorer, and then delete the GLSoft folder located at:

C:\Documents and Settings\[Your UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\GLSoft

Replace "Documents and Settings" with "Users" if you are on Vista.

Is there a Mac version?

Sorry, no. This program requires the MS .NET 3.0 platform, which currently isn't available on Mac OSX.

Can I stop the clicks before they have finished?

Yes!! This is now possible with the current version. Pause the clicks by pressing the ESC key.

How do I make GridClicker window bigger?

On the bottom right corner of the window you will find some tiny stripes, you can resize the window by dragging those stripy things.

Features Under Development

There are no plans to make any further releases.

TIP: Move farmer out of the way before sending clicks:

I have found that during the clicking frenzy, sometimes you (or the little farmer you on screen) would be in the way. When this happens, the little farmer will be clicked on and the change clothes screen will be popped up. All the clicks after that will be ruined. So before you start sending the clicks, it is a good idea to move your farmer to the bottom of the field so that he/she is out of the way.

Another popular trick is to "trap" your farmer in the middle of the field in his default start position. Now when you plant/harvest, the farmer will stay where he is and perform the actions "remotely", thus further improves the farming efficiency eliminating the walking time entirely. In this scenario, you can skip the square your farmer is on simply by clicking on that square in the grid.

TIP: Have smaller grids:

Some of you have asked whether GridClicker can be made to work with FarmVille in full screen mode, as your farm is too big to fit into the normal FarmVille window. Short answer is no - I have not figured out a way to bring a window to foreground without kicking flash player off full-screen.

A work round in this case would be to have a smaller grid, and then send several batches to cover the whole field!



The first version of Grid Clicker came August 26, 2009. The latest version was released October 1, 2009... and it's STILL a very useful tool!

Old Video Showing Gridclicker used with Farmville:

Video shows an older version, but the current version functions very similar. A new video will be produced in the near future.


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