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Gifting resets in


The Message Center icon is the envelope on the top right corner of the game.

From there, there are 4 tabs: Send Gifts, Receive Gifts, Work Requests, and "Rallies".

SEND GIFTS: (Send or Mooch)

You can send gifts to neighbors once a day. The day resets at 10pm pacific time (see countdown clock above.) 10pm is also when Daily Bread and Share Post Collection Limits reset.

"Send Gifts" lets you SEND or MOOCH gifts from your neighbors. After clicking "Send Gifts", select the "SEND" or "MOOCH" button for a particular gift. When you send, you'll be shown a list of all your friends. You can narrow this down to only neighbors (friends who play Pot Farm) by clicking the Neighbors button. You can then pick the neighbors to send it to or simply use the "Select All" option to send to everyone. Then click "SEND". The game can still send only 50 at a time (Facebook limitation). If you selected more than 50, be sure to click the "SEND MORE" button that replaces the "SEND" button. Keep doing this until the "SEND MORE" button goes away to send to everyone you selected. When you mooch, it will post a "mooch" (gift request) on your wall. (Don't bother copying your gift requests into forums or other groups. Only your neighbors can click your "mooch" to send you something.)


"Receive Gifts" shows who sent you what. You can click "accept and return" for a particular gift, OR, you can simply click ACCEPT ALL, and it will accept AND RETURN all gifts. When you do this, it will tell you how many you've accepted and how many you've returned. The return amount is often less, since you can only send to any friend once a day. You may have sent them something from the Send Gifts tab or you might have piled up a few gifts from the same person over a few days.

TIP: If you want to send someone something different than what they sent you, SEND them a gift before you accept theirs!


"Work Requests" are what people send out to get help building things (by clicking "Invite" on an item's upgrade page). Simply click the "Work Requests" tab, then "Accept All". You'll get a popup saying how many coins you've received for helping people. (You can do this as often as you want to help people out.) NOTE: When inviting helpers for an item, you only need to click ONE of the invite buttons (any one), NOT each invite button. If you're upgrading multiple items, you will need to click an invite button for each item.


"Rallies" shows any rally invites you may have received. See more info on the Rallies Page.

Pop Up Gifts (removed):

As of late 2013, it appears they've removed POP UP GIFTS from neighbors. These were not actually people visiting you, or sending you gifts. The game simply gave you gifts now and then and attributed it to a person. These could not be returned. It was usually just products, but it could be a mystery or jackpot seed so they were worth accepting. You had a limited time to collect them when they popped up. You could collect them, even in the middle of planting or harvesting, no matter what tool you were using. Or, you could just ignore them and they'd go away. (I had suggested that the devs keep the feature in the border rather than having it pop out into the game, but it appears they decided to remove it entirely.)

GIFTS - Personal recommendation on what to give:

I recommend sending whatever the theme weed is for the current theme. When we're between themes, I recommend sending Rain Water. This is something that many cannot get lots of themselves. Rain Water can be traded in for Puff Puff Passes.

You can send gifts to as many friends as you'd like (50 at a time). You can do this once a day. (A game day starts and ends at 10pm pacific time.)


Click 'Mooch a Gift' and post what you want on your wall. When your friends click on the post, they'll send you what you requested. (When you click your friends mooch posts, you'll get a bonus. BE SURE to click CONTINUE on the page that says you got the bonus. If you don't, your friend will NOT get your gift.)

GIFTS - Planting:

You can plant multiple seeds from your gift box without having to go back to the gift box for each one. Simply click on the seed (or item) in your gift box, then place it on your farm. You can then just keep clicking on open spots on your farm to continue planting them (just like planting seeds from the store). You can also plant gifts in hydros. Click the PLANT button for the seed from the gift box. That will take you back to your farm. Then, click the hydro you want to plant in. It will cost 2 puff puff points per plant (a 25 plant hydro will cost you 50 puff puff points to fill).

GIFTS - Selling and Using:

From your Gift Box, choose either "sell one" or "SELL ALL"! Some items like hemp oil and potcorn can ONLY be used. Using them puts them in your stash. (They must be used and moved to your stash before you can use them as ingredients for contraptions or products for building something.

Sending Gifts with the GURUBAR toolbar:

Sending gifts with the GuruBar is long gone. Sadly, this broke when the devs made changes to gifting.

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