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Updated: November 21, 2017

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What is an "EGG"?

There are several items in the game which are called "EGGS". The main type of egg discussed on this page is any item you put on your farm, which, after building, randomly becomes one of a number of different possible items. (Yes, I consider Fat Bats eggs and info on them will be added to this page.) The intent of this page is to explain all the different eggs in the game and what each of them can become. It will also explain other things in the game which are called eggs, though they don't fit the description above.

See the discussion section at the bottom of this page if you have questions or want to discuss eggs.

The following are the different types of eggs already in the game:

Info on each type of egg will be added here at some point. Scroll down to see what I have listed here. And if you don't see what you're looking for, click on one of the pictures above for more info.

Big Pig Initial

Big Pig Initial:

Big Pigs start as a Big Pig Initial. Build with 20 Chocolates, 20 Fancy Snacks, 20 Pufflers, 20 Second Breakfast, and 10 helpers. Then, you find out which one of the different pigs you got. Here's info on each of the Big Pigs.

Click for infoProtype
Candy Heart Big Pig-400Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Cookie Big Pig-400Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Donut Big Pig-400Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Dragon Big Pig-400Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Pie Big Pig-400Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Truffle Big Pig-400Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Mystery Alien Egg

Mystery Alien Egg:

Alien Chicks start as a MYSTERY ALIEN EGGS. Build the egg with 2 enerchron cubes, 1 puffler, and 3 helpers. Then, you find out which of the 5 types you got. Here's info on the different Alien Chicks.

Click for infoProrepeater
run XPtime
Blob Chick500Panama Red (1)100
Lolcutest Chick500Alien Kush 9X (1)1
Mutant Dick-1000Mystery Seed (1)100
Robot Chicken0Robobud 20x (1)10
Wookee Chick500Wookee Weed 1X (1)1
Fat Bat

Fat Bat:

Fat Bats are available in the store. They start as a FAT BAT. Build it with 10 EACH Chocolates, Fancy Snacks, Pufflers, and Second Breakfasts and you'll get a Baby Bat (which does nothing). Finish upgrading with 10 helpers and you'll find out which of the 5 types you got. Here's info on the different Fat Bats available from buying a Fat Bat. (NOTE: There are other fat bats in the game, but they are NOT available from buying a Fat Bat.)

Click for infoProtype
Albino Fat Bat-400Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Brown Fat Bat-100Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Cheesy Fat Bat-600Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Jersey Fat Bat-300Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Purple Fat Bat-200Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)
Tabby Fat Bat-600Contraption (Click the name link for complete info.)

EGGS in the Easter 2015 theme.

EGG PLANTS grow into one of 4 different eggs:

EGG PLANT seeds are available from quests and in the store. "Egg Plants" grow one of four different products: Century Eggs, "Green Eggs and Ham" Eggs, Devilled Eggs, and the rare Golden Eggs. There are 4 different quest chains each of which requires harvesting one of the 4 types of eggs:



Century Egg

Century Egg

Green Eggs and Ham Egg

"Green Eggs and Ham" Egg

Devilled Egg

Devilled Egg

Golden Egg

Golden Egg

Alien Bunny Egg

ALIEN BUNNY EGGS become one of 40 different birds/toucans/penguins/chicks after building:

Find enough Golden Eggs (explained above) and you can complete the quests to earn the Alien Bunny Queen. She is basically a repeater repeater. Every 2 days, she gives one ALIEN BUNNY EGG. Put an alien bunny egg on your farm. Build it with 5 alien probes, 5 enerchron cubes, 3 Ectoplasm, and 5 helpers. It then becomes one of the following birds/toucans/penguins/chicks from previous themes.

Alien Bunny Egg

Alien Bunny Egg hatches into one of the following:

For more EASTER THEME info, check out the Easter 2015 Theme Page.

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