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Updated: February 22, 2018

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ITEMS > Daily Bread:


Daily bread is income available to players every day at 10pm pacific time. The next time you log on after that, you'll get paid. (These do NOT build up if you don't collect for a few days.)

Daily Bread

Base Gold Amount: Everyone gets 100 coins.

Farm Equipment: You get coins for any INCOME items you have placed on your farm (NOT in storage). See chart below for a complete list.

Friend Bonus: You get 20 coins for each neighbor you have (up to 50 neighbors for a max of 1000 coins.)

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LevelTypeSpacesDaily Income
Income per space
Start Date
Big Ben15building181,000,00055,5562013-09-13
OCC Bike15repeater21,000,000500,0002016-07-27
Krampus Nut Cracker15building275,00037,500
Yellow Snow20building165,00065,0002013-01-04
Sasquatch Footprints0building155,00055,0002012-09-14
Barfing Leprechaun1structure250,00025,0002012-03-14
Gold Hand of Rock15building650,0008,3332013-07-12
Gold Rally Award0rally850,0006,2502013-09-24
Golf Green15building850,0006,2502014-07-14
Diamond Gem15building150,00050,0002015-01-07
Elite Dragon15repeater650,0008,333
Topaz Gem15building137,50037,5002015-01-07
Doo Bie's Remains90building135,00035,0002012-09-21
Chronic Egyptian Cat15building130,00030,0002014-09-24
Weed-ja Board0building127,50027,5002012-10-26
Treasure Chest20protection125,00025,0002011-11-04
Golden Pot Leaf50structure125,00025,0002012-03-14
Ruby Egg1structure225,00012,5002012-04-05
Throne of Hearts10building225,00012,5002012-06-15
Dark Side Prism0building125,00025,0002012-07-12
Sapphire Egg15building225,00012,5002013-03-08
Silver Rally Award0rally825,0003,1252013-09-24
Aquamarine Gem15building125,00025,0002015-01-07
Dankanite Medal15rally112,50012,5002015-07-20
Fat Frosty0building210,0005,0002012-01-06
1 Million Likes!1decor010,000-2012-06-15
Gold Medal0rally110,00010,0002012-08-06
Taj Mahal15building4210,0002382013-09-11
Bronze Rally Award0rally810,0001,2502013-09-24
Stone Pot Leaf15building110,00010,0002014-05-26
Umbrella with Beach Towel15building410,0002,5002014-07-29
Hand of Unholy Rock15building610,0001,6672014-08-20
Hand of Peace15building610,0001,6672014-08-20
Gold Stuffed Stocking15repeater410,0002,5002014-12-18
Weedy Award15decor010,000-2016-12-13
Silver Medal0rally17,5007,5002012-08-06
Emerald Gem15building17,5007,5002015-01-07
Pot O Gold44protection15,0005,0002011-03-03
Gazebo Winter0building45,0001,2502011-12-09
Kissing Gazebo0building45,0001,2502012-02-03
Golden Shamrock25structure15,0005,0002012-03-14
Chocolate Pot Leaf0building15,0005,0002012-03-26
Spring Gazebo0building45,0001,2502012-03-26
Bronze Medal0rally15,0005,0002012-08-06
Sasquatch Footprints (tutorial)15building15,0005,0002014-08-04
Sapphire Gem15building15,0005,0002015-01-07
Gold Dragon15repeater65,0008332017-05-26
Phat Brownie Oven250contraption94,0004442011-05-16
Wonderland Spring10building62,5004172012-06-11
Amethyst Gem15building12,5002,5002015-01-07
Purple Door0door12,0002,0002012-06-25
Hashcar Sign15decor02,000-2017-01-20
Brownie Oven100contraption41,6004002011-05-16
Wine Maker40contraption41,5003752010-12-02
Dicks Date (Date with Mrs Dick)0contraption41,5003752012-04-24
Blonde Hash Press77contraption41,4003502011-09-30
Love In3contraption91,2001332011-02-01
Green Brewery3contraption41,2003002011-03-01
Irish Whiskey Still34contraption41,2003002012-03-14
Caramel Cornifier49contraption11,0001,0002010-12-02
DJ Booth1structure91,0001112011-01-14
Xmas Corntraption19contraption11,0001,0002010-12-09
Blue Door0door11,0001,0002012-06-25
Ruby Gem15building11,0001,0002015-01-07
Bald Dude in a Canoe15building61,000167
Elephant Toke-In15decor01,000-2017-03-15
Rhinoceros Toke-In15decor01,000-2017-03-15
Crocodile Toke-In15decor01,000-2017-03-22
Monkey Toke-In15decor01,000-2017-03-22
The Bongslinger15repeater11,0001,0002017-10-06
Nacho Machine32contraption4800200
Whiskey Still24contraption4500125
Band Stage3structure950056
Lucky Leprechaun1found15005002011-03-03
Happy Leprechaun (toilet paper)1protection15005002011-03-03
Irish Rainbow Flag1decor0500-2012-03-14
Irish Pub60structure45001252012-03-14
Paranoid Patriot Bear15building15005002015-02-02
Zombie Head Aquarium15repeater45001252014-10-15
Dopey Seahawk Duck15building15005002015-02-04
Shakes the Cat15building1500500
Galaxy Hitchhiker15repeater24202102017-07-26
Hot Tub5structure4300752010-04-22
Hot Tub Time Machine69structure4300752012-05-24
Lost Leprechaun (surprised)1protection12502502011-03-08
Puffy Leprechaun (pipe)1repeater12502502011-03-08
Mouse Door0door0250-2012-06-25
Potcorn Popper18contraption12002002010-05-14
Love Machine5contraption6100172011-02-01
Blarney Stone14protection11001002011-03-03
Buzzed Hipster Beaver15building11001002014-08-25
Oil Press7contraption12525
ItemLevelTypeSpacesDaily Income (coins)Income per spaceStart Date


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