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hot knives gear quest reward

Finish Quests in Pot Farm: TIPS

Be creative! I wanted the Hot Knives Gear but had already burned up all of my surprise seeds. I had everything else done on the last quest but needed 1500 Enigma. With no surprise seeds, this seemed impossible.

At this point, many would grumble that they need to cough up cash and be bummed. INSTEAD, I planted a bunch of jackpot and potluck seeds in hydros. I racked up about 1000pb pretty quick and started buying surprise seeds, planting them in a 65 space hydro. After burning through nearly all of the pb, I scored 65 20x Enigma. I started planting surprise seeds in the 10 space hydro vans and got the remaining 200 I needed. (Yeah, I’d have used my 75 space hydro, if it wasn’t already full of something I’ll probably need on the weekend.)

If you run out of ms, you can always turn to your jp, potluck, etc to earn a bunch of pot bucks to buy them. (And don’t forget your stash. You can often raid that for a bunch of pot bucks. When raiding your stash, cash in the stuff you don’t use for bats or other contraptions first.)

Check your rally for share posts, and try the moocher pro or PF Manager News Feed Organizer to see if you can score a few more of what you need from share posts.

Anyway, long story short, there’s often a way to get what you want without spending cash. Some players like to hoard, but if you’re not hoarding to get something you want, I don’t get the point. Happy Harvesting!

Guru Steve

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