I frequently get requests for info sorted differently. You can do this easily yourself! Read on…

1: SORT) Simply click a header on any of the charts in my guide and it will sort by that column. A good example of this is the repeater page at – Click on the column header for what items generate and it will sort by that column.

2: HIGHLIGHT) You can also highlight a row and column on most charts by clicking on a data field in the chart. This is handy when something is way down on a page and you’re not sure what column it is.

3: FILTER) Some charts have drop down filters in the headers. A good example of this is the ITEMS page at – You can filter based on level, item type, and/or spaces occupied.


NOTE: Help Wanted: I started a YouTube channel, but haven’t had time to post much there. If you’d like to do a simple video demonstrating how the 3 chart features explained here work, I’d sure appreciate it and would post it on my channel giving you “produced by” credit. Please message me at before getting started to make sure we’re on the same page.