unfriend vs messaging

Ettiquite for Dealing with Game Friends on Facebook

Lots of people add Facebook friends to make playing games better. Depending on the game, you can share gifts, help each other out, etc. It’s usually a win-win.

However, if you find that you don’t like the way a “game friend” plays a game (or what they post, etc.), simply UNFRIEND them without any drama. Messaging them to tell them you’re deleting them or asking them to “straighten up or be deleted” NEVER goes well. If you’ve actually become friends and talk regularly, then talking about game expectations is great. But don’t let your first personal contact with someone be to tell them you’re unhappy with them. (No one cares.)

It’s better to unfriend this stranger and find someone who suits you better. Don’t harass someone you don’t even know. The same goes for someone emailing you. Instead of responding that they’re a whiny, demanding troll, simply unfriend and/or block ’em!

And if someone deletes or blocks you, rather than posting about what a jerk they are, consider yourself better off without them and move on. No one cares and you’ll be the one that looks like the crazy person.

Remember, it’s a GAME! Enjoy it!

If you’re looking for more friends for the game POT FARM, visit the add page on my guide.