PF Manager

Back Feeding Feature on PF Manager

PF Manager is a handy tool to help you find Pot Farm shared posts in your newsfeed (without having to sort through them all yourself). Here’s some info for users on one of the features of the app… Backfeeding.

What is Backfeeding and why would I want to turn it off or on?

First off, here are the direct links:

If you have a lot of friends and are getting too many “someone beat you to it” results, try turning off Backfeed. You do this by clicking the IGNORE link on the Feed tab. Turning off Backfeed will reload the app and start showing only links posted while you have the app open.

If you don’t have many friends and want the app to look for older posts that still could be good, leave Backfeed on. It will search backwards in your feed. The longer you leave it running, the more it will find. The problem with that is that the further back it goes (the longer the app runs), the older posts will be. This means more “someone beat you to it” results.

Personally, I suggest finding a lot of friends who play, so you can find all the posts you need with backfeed off! You can find more neighbors at

If you have questions about PF Manager, please use the PF Manager Facebook Page at