FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM are both down! Stops Pot Farming!

Facebook and Instagram both went down about 10:15pm (PST) January 26, 2015. That meant our beloved Pot Farm game went down as well. I added notification at the top of each page of my guide to the game, Pot Farm Info at www.potfarm.info and posted on my Twitter account at https://twitter.com/PotFarmInfo.

This came at a bad time as the theme is set to end at noon tomorrow.

GOOD NEWS! It appears to be back up and running at 11:15pm (PST).

The discussion sections on Pot Farm Info are run using Facebook plugins so they stopped  working until the problem got resolved. (I guess that’s good so people don’t flood my discussion boards, ignoring the big red alerts.)

Back to farming!

Candy Cane Tree

Candy Cane Trees for Quests

Here’s a tip from Pot Farm Info…

Candy Cane Trees grow FIVE candy canes each. So, when a quest says to harvest 4 candy canes, you satisfy that requirement by harvesting a single tree!

Grow Candy Cane Trees from mystery seeds or generate them from the Dick Stole Christmas repeater from previous seasons. http://potfarm.info/itemdetail/1059/dick-stole-christmas

Notes have been added to the weekend quests that require Candy Cane Trees at www.potfarm.info/floydquests.php

Candy Cane Tree
Candy Cane Tree


PF Manager

Back Feeding Feature on PF Manager

PF Manager is a handy tool to help you find Pot Farm shared posts in your newsfeed (without having to sort through them all yourself). Here’s some info for users on one of the features of the app… Backfeeding.

What is Backfeeding and why would I want to turn it off or on?

First off, here are the direct links:

If you have a lot of friends and are getting too many “someone beat you to it” results, try turning off Backfeed. You do this by clicking the IGNORE link on the Feed tab. Turning off Backfeed will reload the app and start showing only links posted while you have the app open.

If you don’t have many friends and want the app to look for older posts that still could be good, leave Backfeed on. It will search backwards in your feed. The longer you leave it running, the more it will find. The problem with that is that the further back it goes (the longer the app runs), the older posts will be. This means more “someone beat you to it” results.

Personally, I suggest finding a lot of friends who play, so you can find all the posts you need with backfeed off! You can find more neighbors at www.potfarm.info/add.php

If you have questions about PF Manager, please use the PF Manager Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/pfmanager

unfriend vs messaging

Ettiquite for Dealing with Game Friends on Facebook

Lots of people add Facebook friends to make playing games better. Depending on the game, you can share gifts, help each other out, etc. It’s usually a win-win.

However, if you find that you don’t like the way a “game friend” plays a game (or what they post, etc.), simply UNFRIEND them without any drama. Messaging them to tell them you’re deleting them or asking them to “straighten up or be deleted” NEVER goes well. If you’ve actually become friends and talk regularly, then talking about game expectations is great. But don’t let your first personal contact with someone be to tell them you’re unhappy with them. (No one cares.)

It’s better to unfriend this stranger and find someone who suits you better. Don’t harass someone you don’t even know. The same goes for someone emailing you. Instead of responding that they’re a whiny, demanding troll, simply unfriend and/or block ’em!

And if someone deletes or blocks you, rather than posting about what a jerk they are, consider yourself better off without them and move on. No one cares and you’ll be the one that looks like the crazy person.

Remember, it’s a GAME! Enjoy it!

If you’re looking for more friends for the game POT FARM, visit the add page on my guide.

TIPS for using CHARTS on POT FARM INFO at www.potfarm.info

I frequently get requests for info sorted differently. You can do this easily yourself! Read on…

1: SORT) Simply click a header on any of the charts in my guide and it will sort by that column. A good example of this is the repeater page at www.potfarm.info/repeaters.php – Click on the column header for what items generate and it will sort by that column.

2: HIGHLIGHT) You can also highlight a row and column on most charts by clicking on a data field in the chart. This is handy when something is way down on a page and you’re not sure what column it is.

3: FILTER) Some charts have drop down filters in the headers. A good example of this is the ITEMS page at www.potfarm.info/items.php – You can filter based on level, item type, and/or spaces occupied.


NOTE: Help Wanted: I started a YouTube channel, but haven’t had time to post much there. If you’d like to do a simple video demonstrating how the 3 chart features explained here work, I’d sure appreciate it and would post it on my channel giving you “produced by” credit. Please message me at https://www.facebook.com/PotFarmInfoGuru before getting started to make sure we’re on the same page.

hot knives gear quest reward

Finish Quests in Pot Farm: TIPS

Be creative! I wanted the Hot Knives Gear but had already burned up all of my surprise seeds. I had everything else done on the last quest but needed 1500 Enigma. With no surprise seeds, this seemed impossible.

At this point, many would grumble that they need to cough up cash and be bummed. INSTEAD, I planted a bunch of jackpot and potluck seeds in hydros. I racked up about 1000pb pretty quick and started buying surprise seeds, planting them in a 65 space hydro. After burning through nearly all of the pb, I scored 65 20x Enigma. I started planting surprise seeds in the 10 space hydro vans and got the remaining 200 I needed. (Yeah, I’d have used my 75 space hydro, if it wasn’t already full of something I’ll probably need on the weekend.)

If you run out of ms, you can always turn to your jp, potluck, etc to earn a bunch of pot bucks to buy them. (And don’t forget your stash. You can often raid that for a bunch of pot bucks. When raiding your stash, cash in the stuff you don’t use for bats or other contraptions first.)

Check your rally for share posts, and try the moocher pro or PF Manager News Feed Organizer to see if you can score a few more of what you need from share posts.

Anyway, long story short, there’s often a way to get what you want without spending cash. Some players like to hoard, but if you’re not hoarding to get something you want, I don’t get the point. Happy Harvesting!

Guru Steve

NOTE: I also posted this on Facebook. If you’d like to discuss this, see my post on Facebook. For general questions about the game go to my ASK PFI PAGE.