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Pot Farm Info

the site Pot Farm calls..."the best and most comprehensive Pot Farm site on the vast interwebs!"

A complete archive of the first five years of Pot Farm.

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What is Pot Farm Info?

Pot Farm is a fun farming game on Facebook. You grow all different strains of weed. You do quests, earn awards, and all sorts of other stuff that's better than working.

Pot Farm Info (PFI) is a player-published fan site designed to help you make sense of the game. With complete quest lists, it helps you plan ahead and get the most out of the game. It's also got information on pretty much every aspect of the game, including rally groups, seeds, items, hydroponics, storage, tips and tricks, and everything else.

Where to start:

Find POT FARM INFO on Facebook for even more help:

PFI Facebook Page: This is a great place to chat with fellow players, ask questions, get tips, etc. News sometimes even makes it to this page before it's posted here in the guide! Also, check out the General Discussion Page on this site.


PF Manager Support Page: PF Manager is a handy newsfeed organizer app. It makes finding share posts easier. Read about PF MANAGER. For support, check out this page:


Guru Steve's Page: Guru Steve is the author of this website. Read more about him on the About Page.


Follow all of the above Pot Farm Info pages (and Pot Farm itself) by simply following the Pot Farm Info Posts List. [instructions]

PFI Links Page: Pot Farm posts links for giveaways. Rather than sorting 'em out to find good ones, you can find them on the PFI Giveaway Link Page or see them on Facebook on this page:


PFI Add Page: If you want more neighbors, check out the number one ADD PAGE for Pot Farm with over 11,000 players:


Grass Roots Guide Page: If you want more info about Grass Roots for Android devices, check out my fan page here (and my guide at potfarm.guru)

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