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Pot Farm Info

the site Pot Farm calls..."the best and most comprehensive Pot Farm site on the vast interwebs!"

Includes all items released in Pot Farm over more than six years.

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This guide now includes ITEMS added to the game through July 22, 2016. CLICK HERE to see the latest items added.

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What is Pot Farm Info?

Pot Farm is a fun farming game on Facebook. You grow all different strains of weed. You do quests, earn awards, and all sorts of other stuff that's better than working.

Pot Farm Info (PFI) is a player-published fan site designed to help you make sense of the game. It is a complete archive of all items released during the first 6 years of Pot Farm. It's got information on every aspect of the game, including rally groups, seeds, items, hydroponics, storage, tips and tricks, and everything else.

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